Why sustainable fashion matters

The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest and most polluting, responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Luckily, more people than ever today are aware of its negative environmental, social and cultural impact and are making more conscious decisions in order to reduce it. As the demand shifts, so should the offering and as a result there’s a growing number of ethical and sustainable fashion brands, as well as new technologies and business models, that aim to change the fashion industry for the better. 

The impact of fashion

98M tonnes

of non-renewable resources consumed by fashion every year

2700 litres

of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt


of value lost annually due to clothing underutilisation


of industrial water pollution globally is attributable to the dyeing and treatment of textiles


of plastic pollution in the oceans constitutes of microfibers released during washing synthetic fabrics

1.2B tonnes

of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. More than international flights and shipping combined

Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among Millennials and Gen Z have an opportunity to not only grow market share but build loyalty among the power-spending Millennials of tomorrow, too.

Solutions we love and work with

Solutions we love and work with

Resale and consignment

Resale and consignment business models and platforms boosting the retail of second-hand fashion goods.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces

Clothing swaps, rentals and peer-to-peer marketplaces to create communities and attract conscious consumers.

New materials innovation

Rediscovered and re-engineered old materials as well as new high-tech ones that deliver on aesthetics and function.

Emerging technologies

Using AI and blockchain to create a future in which the fashion industry is efficient, personalised and transparent.

Recycled and upcycled brands

New and old brands taking old, worn out or damaged materials and transforming them into brand new pieces. 

Advanced chemical recycling

Advanced technology to turn textile and other waste into new and more sustainable materials. 


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