Strategic Marketing 


We help startups and corporate clients launch, grow and talk authentically and transparently about their business, so they can amplify their positive impact. To do so, we use a customer-focussed approach combined with innovative digital marketing and communications strategies, to develop and share their vision, increase their reach and digital influence, and finally build meaningful relationships with their community. 


Research, define and test the market, identify your product positioning, launch, measure, learn and pivot if necessary.

Strategic Branding

Develop strategies and identities that make you unique, define/ reframe your narrative, find your tone of voice.

Digital Strategy

Identify the tactics and establish the goals to reach your ideal customer, create brand loyalty and grow your business.


Create and bring to life digital campaigns on the issues you’re tackling, to engage internal and external stakeholders.

Digital storytelling

Create content to communicate your message authentically on your digital channels or explore immersive experiences.


Discover global trends and new technologies that can help you enhance your narrative and engage your community.


Fashion for Good

The programme for startups driving innovation in sustainability, circularity and transparency.


Petit Pli

Clothes that grow with your child and addressing the wasteful nature of the fashion industry.



Cutting-edge, sustainable technical fabrics that intersect with seasonless design.

Solutions we love and work with

Resale and consignment

Resale and consignment business models and platforms boosting the retail of second-hand fashion goods.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces

Clothing swaps, rentals and peer-to-peer marketplaces to create communities and attract conscious consumers.

New materials innovation

Rediscovered and re-engineered old materials as well as new high-tech ones that deliver on aesthetics and function.

Emerging technologies

Using AI and blockchain to create a future in which the fashion industry is efficient, personalised and transparent.

Recycled and upcycled brands

New and old brands taking old, worn out or damaged materials and transforming them into brand new pieces. 

Advanced chemical recycling

Advanced technology to turn textile and other waste into new and more sustainable materials. 

We were ready to do a complete overhaul of our website, branding and marketing strategy and interviewed a series of different companies to help us navigate this process. The vision, energy and experience of Fueled's team shone through and we have been thoroughly rewarded for having chosen them. In all areas of brand messaging, marketing, website strategy and hires, they have been an invaluable resource.

Eileen Willett & Nancy Zeffman, Founders of Cucumber